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Microguard PP Foam

Microguard is a low-density polypropylene sheet foam featuring three stock sizes. This green packaging foam is manufactured with 40% less resin than the same thickness in polyethylene and is lighter weight. The highlights of this sustainable products are:

  • High coefficient of friction provides amazing protection for easily scratched finishes.
  • Excellent vapor transmission.
  • High melting point, making it uniquely suited to handle parts which may reach elevated temperatures.
  • Recyclable and photodegradable.
Features and Benefits Results
High coefficient of friction. Unequalled protection for delicate finishes against vibration and shifting during transit.
Low density, lightweight (half the weight of polyethylene sheet foam.) Ease of use, reduction in labor and shipping costs.
Recyclable. Photodegradable. Sustainable foam packaging option.
Chemically inert. Won't tarnish or corrode sensitive metals.
Readily accepts labels and tape. Cost savings on expensive adhesives.
Thermal and vapor transmission properties. Thermal benefits: use as insulating blanket and overwintering protection for plants.
High melting point. Heightened performance from -250F up to 250F with a melting point of 320F
Superior flexibility Easy to handle
Outstanding breathability.
Mildew, moisture, fungus resistant
Enables the release of vapors while protecting against condensation and water damage.
DistributorEnd-User Environment
Fast, just-in-time delivery. No minimums Less product breakage, cost efficient. Recyclable, use less raw materials than other forms of packaging.
Easy to move, handle and store. Delivery of product, uncompromised. Ligher weight, uses less fuel during distribution.
Differentiate products to increase sales. Versatile of applications, low mantenaince. Superiror cushioning properties enable users to use less sheet foam on products versus alternatives.
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