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VBoard Cornerboard

By switching to Laminations VBoard you can transform your business to be socially and environmentally responsible. Here’s why...

  • Optimizing design to achieve maximum product protection using less material.
  • Offering eco-friendly recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging alternatives.
  • Ensuring efficient transportation and delivery of packaging orders.

The 7 R's of Sustainable Packaging

1. Remove Packaging

  • Laminations products remove excess "overpackaging," providing suppliers exactly what they need for their logistics environment, without extra packaging components
  • 4 pieces of VBoard unitize and stabilize a pallet load with stretch wrap and/or banding, eliminating large, awkward corrugated shrouds

2. Reduce Packaging

  • By providing maximum protection with minimal packaging material, Laminations products are a natural choice for source reduction
  • Excellent strength of VBoard products allows customers to downgauge corrugated cases
  • One pallet load of VBoard can package hundreds of pallets of product

3. Reuse Packaging

  • Many Laminations products can be returned and reused in a closed-loop system to unitize multiple loads over time
  • Laminations converts side roll trim and other non-standard products into higher-value, first-quality packaging components
  • Laminations' use for these materials results in at least one additional reuse before recycling

4. Renew(able)

  • Instead of returning to the city wastewater system, wastewater from Laminations' printing process is reused in manufacturing, saving thousands of gallons of water each year
  • Several components of the glue used in Laminations' manufacturing process are purchased off-spec and reformulated to first-quality before use
  • When making glue, Laminations reuses water from the cleanup of its printing plates
  • No heat is used in the laminating process, eliminating energy usage

5. Recycle(able)

  • All paperboard packaging products are made from recycled fiber, approximately 80% of which is post-consumer waste
  • All Laminations products are 100% recyclable for easy disposal in existing recycling systems; they can be added to the baler for collecting and baling old corrugated
  • VBoard laminated paperboard products are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable; whereas some edge protector products use co-mingled materials and must be sent to a landfill

6. Revenue (ecomomic benefits)

  • Laminations is compliant with U.S. Green Building Council Initiatives: strategically located plants serve customers in every area of the United States expediently and cost-effectively reducing shipping-related fuel consumption
  • VBoard is denser than corrugated, so more product can be shipped in a truckload
  • VBoard can stack otherwise un-stackable loads for better cube utilization in trailers and warehouses, leading to savings in shipping and storage
  • Shipping costs are reduced by using VBoard products to double stack or square off pallet loads allowing more product to be shipped per truck

7. Read (education)

  • Laminations is committed to helping its customers identify and select the most appropriate environmentally responsible packaging solutions
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